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Yarta Purtli Creative Community

The Yarta Purtli Art Gallery is currently accepting expressions of interest from local regional artists and creators wanting to sell their works in our new retail space, which will be open from the 30th of November 2021 until the 31st of January 2022. Creations can include pottery, painting, screen printing, tapestry, glass blowing, wood carving, jewellery etc.

Artworks will need to be accepted by our retail committee and chosen to feature within the Gallery. Chosen artworks/creations will be retained at Yarta-Purtli Art Gallery for the duration of the retail space.

The Gallery will promote your works FREE of charge. A 28% sales commission applies to all sales (when and only if artworks are sold); please take this into consideration when pricing your work. If your items sell you will be required to replace them with additional items for sale.

All sales will be processed through the Port Augusta Council and you will receive payment from Council after sale is completed and processed fully. Council will not provide cash, nor will you be paid in advance of a sale – all unsold works will be required to be picked up by you on the 31st of January between 4-6pm.

Council reserves the right to decline items provided for sale if they fail to meet quality, safety and consumer standards.

To start the application process, you will need to complete an ‘Artwork Registration’ form for each artwork and complete an Invoice (and attach to your application).  If you do not have an ABN, you will also be required to fill out a ‘Statement of Supplier’ form (attached).

Please supply photographs of your artwork on your application. Photographs need to be of high quality and can be emailed or supplied on a USB drive in jpeg or png file format.

Artists are required to complete the ‘Artist Statement’ for prospective buyers. You will be photographed. Artist profiles will be displayed alongside artwork for sale in the Gallery (or elsewhere within Council).

If you would also like to sell your artwork by holding an exhibition, or if you have questions about the Gallery or selling your work, please contact in the first instance:-

Zoe Martin
Phone: (08) 8641 9011, Monday to Thursday, 9am to 3pm
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