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Port Augusta Cultural Centre - Yarta Purtli Art Gallery 

The Cultural Centre supports and encourages community and individual participation in all facets of the arts and culture. “Yarta Purtli” is a Nukunu word meaning Place of the Stars.

The Gallery is manned by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm
Saturday 10am – 1pm
Closed Sundays and public holidays

Admission is free.

6 Beauchamp Lane, Port Augusta SA 5700

Contact the Arts Officer on (08) 8641 9175 or Turn on Javascript! with any enquiries, or if you would like to become a volunteer at the Gallery.


The Barracks, an open space located behind the Gallery at the Cultural Centre complex, is the perfect private outdoor venue that can be used for festivals, wedding services, reunions, outdoor meetings and theatrical performances, just to mention a few.

The Port Augusta Cultural Centre has a portable stage. Panels are 1m x 2m and can be arranged in different heights and designs. It is great for catwalks, stage floors, risers for weddings, DJ's and many other uses. The stage was a joint venture of the former Port Augusta Brass Band and the Port Augusta City Council.

To enquire about hiring the Barracks, please contact Turn on Javascript!.

Lea Memorial Theatre

The Lea Memorial Theatre was once used as a hall for deb balls, weddings and various other functions. In 1993 the Anderson Dancer Theatre Promoters, under the guidance of the late Greg Faulkner took over the hall and transformed it into a modest theatre.

The fully airconditioned theatre is a key venue for conferences, award ceremonies, product launches, as a performance space and for other events. As a performance space it has a standard overhead lighting rig and comes inclusive of a basic sound system providing playback facilities for CD's, MD's and MP3's.

Also includes:

Seats 420 theatre style, with removable rows providing a flat area at the front half of the theatre which can be utilised by shows that require audience participation, or incorporate the portable staging. The flat floor also allows conferences to be set up with displays on the floor area. This area also allows for boardroom style seating up to 21, or u-shaped seating up to 21.

Please contact Turn on Javascript! for enquiries and bookings.

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